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First Singing Tips Show of 2019! 

Benita Charles in New York City


New Year’s Goals 2019



New Year’s Goals 

6 Tips to achieve your New Year’s Goals 


1.      Make New Year’s Goals instead of New Year’s Resolutions 

2.      Write out your goals everyday (twice a day if you’re ambitious) 

3.      Break your goals into bit-size pieces 

4.      Have a specific deadline to achieve your goal 

5.      Tell someone or announce your goal for accountability 

6.      Reward yourself when you accomplish your goal


Happy New Year 2019! 

Happy New Year 2019! 

I wish you a year of prosperity, good health, love, happiness, joy, wealth and good fortune! May all your dreams come true!! 

Thank you so much for your continued support of my creative endeavors. There will be more exciting events and new music this year! I'll keep you posted. 

I hope all your dreams come true in 2019!! 

Much love, 

Benita Charles Music 

Spreading love through music for your inspiration and entertainment! 



Dear Lord, as I close the door on the old year, I ponder the things I've done... the things I've said and the joys I've had I wonder, have I lost or won? 

I've thought of new friends I have made, and the old ones, staunch and true... the paths of the old year made easier, Lord, because I have walked them with You 

I think of all the many times, when my burdens were so heavy to bear, and how my faith slipped away from me but somehow You were always there 

Now, as I open the door to this New Year, and carefully peep inside, I wonder what it holds for me... but I'll throw the door open wide. 

Whatever it brings to me and mine, I'll meet it with a heart so true... I know that, Lord, whatever it may be, You'll be there to carry me through! 

--Merrei Thompson



2018 Year in Review 

2018 Year in Review


Last Day of the Year: Reflecting on this year...2018 was a great year! Thanks to all my fans for your support!!


Last Singing Tips Live Show of 2018

Ring in the New Year with Preachermann and the Revival! 



What are you doing New Year's Eve? 


Ring in the new year with Preachermann and the Revival at Rubulad in Bushwick, Brooklyn! 

We're going to have a funky good time of atomic soul to set your heart on fire for life! Shalimar! 

Featured acts include the following

Preachermann and The Revival 

Van Goose 

Funkrust Brass Band 

Les Sans Culottes 

with your MC Tanya Solomon Magic 

Featuring DJs: Small Change, Baby K, Dieka + DJ rtrane

RSVP to for Bushwick address 

Bring your burdens of 2018 and leave with a smile in 2018!!!  Shalimar!




New music from Preachermann now available from Cordial Recordings:




Music featured on Ramsay Unleashed 2018 Round Up Show! 

A special thanks to Fraser Ramsay for featuring my songs, "Christmastime" and "We Can Make A Difference" on his 2018 Round Up Show! I'm so honored to be featured among so many talented artists.  

Congratulations to Fraser on celebrating one year with his podcast. Wishing him a successful 2019!  

Thanks to my producers, Themi and  and Andru Cann. 

Thanks to all my fans for their continued support! 

Much love, 

Benita Charles


Merry Christmas from Benita Charles Music! 

Merry Christmas!! On this Christmas Day, I'd like to wish you and yours a very special day of love, happiness, laughter, freedom and joy to last for eternity! Today is a gift. Let the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with love! 

Thank you so much to all my fans for your continued support of my musical endeavors! I am so grateful for you! 

Wishing you all the magic of the holiday! May your dreams come true!! 

Much love, 

Benita Charles Music

My new holiday single, Christmastime (My Favorite Time of the Year) is now available on CD Baby and Bandcamp! Merry Chrristmas!!!



"Sharing love through music for your inspiration and entertainment!"


Singing Tips Live: The Best Advice I Ever Got! 


On the last episode on Singing Tips Live, NY-Vocalist, Benita Charles shared the best advice she ever got in her career. 

The Best Advice Benita Charles ever got was "Create Your Own Music." 

The advice was given by an artist from the group, All About Chad. At the time, Benita was new to New York City and was studying jazz and learning songs. The gentleman told Benita that is was great that she was learning cover songs but she should write, record and release her own music.  At the time, Benita didn't understand the gravity of what that meant.  Fast forward to years later, Benita has recorded her full CD, Moments and Love and has released several single releases including her current release, Never Ever Give Up. Benita's music is available on iTunes, Amazing Music, CD Baby and Spotify.