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A Special Thanks to All Who Supported My NYC Marathon Show! 





I. The Preparation (Rivington Music Studios, L.E.S.) 

There’s a lot that goes into preparing for the show. 

  • The Equipment – since the location only provided electricity, I had to make sure the equipment was ready and prepped for the performance (in good working condition and I had all the cords I needed to get the job done) 
  • Rehearsal – I like to rehearse at least once with the band to make sure we’re all on the same page. 
  • It just so happened that Leon (from the 5 Heart Beats) was rehearsing with his band right next to us. What are the odds that we would end our rehearsals at the same time and that he would be gracious enough with me to take a picture! I love rehearsing!!! 

II. Show Up (Sunset Park, Brooklyn) 

  • Getting to the location early enough to make sure you allow time to get to your location, set up and have time to breathe takes away from the stress of the day. 
  • Even though there was a mix up with our location (we were given the wrong address somehow), we were able to get to the right location in time enough to set with not much time lost. 
  • I love this location in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It’s early on in the race for the runners, so they’re still enthusiast about being in the race and everyone is upbeat and happy. 
  • It’s one of the locations that have electricity, so I don’t have to bring a generator.  One less thing for me to carry. My bag with the PA and cords are heavy enough. 
  • I can see everything and it’s not over crowded. You can breathe and move.  It’s awesome! 
  • There was a gentleman who lives in the neighborhood who remembered me from last year. He said I did a great job and asked if I would be back next year. 
  • I think I will request this location again if I’m asked back next year. It’s going to be a tradition. 

III. The Performance (The Benita Charles Trio/DJ Benita Charles Music set) 

  • I presented a show with live music, a DJ Set of dance music and classic rock, R&B and oldies but goodies. 
  • I sang a mixture of original favorites such as The Freedom Song, Never Ever Give Up, Round & Round and No More, along with some of my favorite upbeat covers. 
  • After the band left, I sang along with TV tracks on a few songs. After which I presented a DJ set of some classic dance songs. I eventually chanted encouraging words along with the music.  I said things like: We are proud of you…Keep pressing, keep pushing, keep going…You Got This! 
  • The audience, the runners and my site manager loved it! Hopefully, they will ask for me back! 

IV. The Experience 

  • It was such a great sense of accomplishment to know that I added a little something special to the people who took that huge leap of faith, determination and drive to participate in the New York City Marathon.  I admire anyone who can run 26 miles!  To know that I brightened their day warmed my heart! 

This year’s performance was a huge success and I am so grateful to all of my fans for their continues support! It was well worth all of the effort!


Meeting Leon from the 5 Heartbeats at Rivington  Studios was the highlight of the week!


NYC Marathon Entertainment: Benita Charles Trio - 11/3/19 


Join the Benita Charles Trio at the New York City Marathon as they provide a family-friendly set of music to the runners as they run along their route in Brooklyn to the finish line.

Come help us encouragement and motivate runners to Never Ever Give Up!

Showtime: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Location: Yaffa Coffee, 4423 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220


Singing Tips Live with Benita Charles: My Most Memorable Performances 




On this episode of Singing Tips Live, Benita Charles discusses her most memorable performances of her life that had an impact and shaped her into the artist she is today.

Top Memorable Performances of My Life 

The Beginning: The Early Years 

My first solo of my life at 12 years old at Greater Love Tabernacle Church of God in Christ in Detroit, Michigan. 

This was the moment I discovered my talent. It set me on a musical journey to self-discovery for the rest of my life. I’ve been singing ever sense and the music is in my blood. 
Lesson: When you discover your true passion, you have to do it. You will have no other choice. 

Ouachita Baptist University (Performance Major): My 1st Opera – The Marriage of Figaro 

It was supposed to be a romantic scene but I turned it into a slap-stick comedy when I thought my slip & skirt was falling down. 
The director wasn’t happy about my performance but the students love it! 
Lesson: Things don’t always go as planned make the best of it and go with it. 

Detroit (Professional Singer): My first major show as a background singer – opening for jazz musician. Marion Meadows 

I came in at the wrong time all by myself.  I kept singing through the chorus as if it was meant to be.  The people who hired me was happy that I kept singing and didn’t stop.  It would have made the mistake more obvious. 
Lesson: When you make a mistake remain calm, see it though and remain professional. The audience will never know it wasn’t intentional. 


New York (Professional Singer): My first professional job as a background singer for a major Korean Pop Singer 

He hired 3 black singers because he wanted soulful singers to support him 
Of the 3 of us, I was the most dedicated to rehearsing and learning my parts (phonetically).The other singers didn’t take it so seriously. 
I made a huge mistake by running on the stage at the wrong point. I thought the stage manager told me to Go! I ran on stage by myself and all I saw was a sea of people. Then I ran off embarrassed. 
During intermission, we were told we were fired.  They gave us the option or staying around or leaving with paid. I chose to leave with pay.  Other singers were surprised when I said that but my thing was if he didn’t want us there, I didn’t want to stick around 
Lesson: Sometimes you can try too hard. Relax and don’t take things so seriously. 

New York (Pop Singer signed to Leighshaq Records): My first performance of my new single, Sexy Punchinella on Leighshaq Records at the CD Release Party 

It was a high performance, sexy dance hall/R&B song 
I was ready to perform. I had my choreography down. The dancers were ready. 
The music went out and there were major technical problems. 
Instead of getting angry and cursing, I remained positive, talked to the audience and made everyone relax 
When the music finally came on, I performed and wowed the crowd 
Lesson: Don’t let technical difficulties through you off your game. Keep it moving and you’ll eventually get through it and thrive. 

Moments In Love (one-woman show) Upstairs at Rose’s Turn 

This a show I self-produced where I sang my favorite love songs and discussed the various stages in love by color (eg. Blue: The Blues; Red: The heart, etc) 
My voice cracked at the high point of the song, Nobody’s Suppose To Be Here. I kept going and made the crack more pronounced and longer, as if I planned it that way. I held it together on stage but after I left the stage, I cried my eyes out because I was so embarrassed. 
Lesson: When you hit a bad note, don’t let it stop you. Keep going and make it a part of your act. (Once you leave the stage, you can fall apart as much as you want but not on stage.) 

Honorable Mention: Never Ever Give Up Video Release Party 

The event and my performance were great. 
The audience had a great time and I got so many compliments about the event and concert afterwards 
I was proud of myself for celebrating my release. It was the first time I ever made myself the star attraction with my music. 
Lesson: Celebrate yourself and every step of your achievements 


Special Announcements 

Upcoming Performances 

Benita Charles Trio 

Sunday, November 3rd – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm 

New York City Marathon Entertainment 
We will provide music for the NYC marathoners as they pass through their route 
Location at Yaffe Coffee (4423 4th Ave in Brooklyn) 

Preachermann & The Revival - Saturday, November 16th – 8:00 pm 

Rubulad in Brooklyn 

The band returns to the eclectic hotspot in Brooklyn 

Preachermann & The Revival - Friday, December 13th – 10 pm – 12:00 am 

The Shrine
Location: 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd. 

The band returns to the legendary The Shrine in Harlem

Preachermann & The Revival - Tuesday, December 31st - 11 pm

Rubulad in Brooklyn 

The band returns to ring in the New Year at the eclectic hotspot in Brooklyn 




A Special Thanks for your support of the Harlem Library Show! 



A Special Thanks to all who supported my Harlem Library Show! It was truly an amazing afternoon.  The audience was amazing and they told me they had a great time. That's all I can ask is that I inspire, entertain and enlighten the audience. I was truly in my element yesterday.

This was a very personal show me. I was able to share my story with the audience and take them on a journey from my early beginnings to present day. My purpose of the show was to encourage the audience to share their gifts. They promised me at the show that they would share their gifts. I thank God for my gift.

A very special thanks to Jean Harripersaud of the Harlem Library for inviting me to perform at the library and for her graciousness; Barbie Seigle  Chisholm and her family for coming from New Jersey; Preachermann for his love and support and for helping me with my equipment; Jason Thompson for filming the show and NY-Stylist, Roxie Seigle for my hair design; Good Choice For Nails: manicure and pedicure!

I couldn't have asked for a better show!

Much love,




Speaker Series & Concert: Benita Charles @ NYPL Harlem Library - 10/5/19 


Top of the World: I'm so excited to announce I am returning to NYPL Harlem Library to present my one-woman show, Benita Charles: My Musical Journey to Love on October 5th at 2 pm!

At the event, I will share my musical journey and my approach to songwriting. I will also perform my original music from my Moments In Love CD, We Can Make A Difference EP as well as my new single, Never Ever Give Up! I look forward to sharing my passion and joy to the audience. 

I hope you can join me! (This is a free event.)


About Benita Charles: 

Benita Charles is a singer/songwriter/producer who resides in Harlem. Her voice and her music can be described as soul-stirring and inspirational and she strives to entertain and connect with her audience with each live performance. Her debut CD, Moments In Love: Volume 1 and her new single, Never Ever Give Up are available on iTunes, Spotify and CD Baby. Presently, she hosts and online artist development show called, Singing Tips Live with Benita Charles on Facebook Live.


Singing Tips Live: Highlights from Atomic Soul Album Release Party at Brooklyn Bowl 

NY-Vocalist, Benita Charles in New York City




Preachermann & The Revival presented Atomic Soul Album Release Party at Brooklyn Bowl on Monday, September 9th. The show was a success supported by close family, friends and fans.


3 Lessons Learned from the Show:


Lesson 1: You Have To Prepare For Greatness

--- There's a lot of preparations that goes into planning a huge show at a premier venue.

--- Planning rehearsals fro an 11-piece band, managing everyone's schedule and making sure everyone had the music who couldn't attend rehearsals proved challenging.

--- You have to make sure the music and merchandise are ready by showtime.

--- Promoting the show and getting the word out is also very important through social media, event listings and word of mouth.


Lesson 2: You Have To Show Up and Put Your Best Foot Forward

--- You've put in the rehearsal and had the sound check before the show now it's time to perform.  If you're prepared properly, you can just perform and not worry about all the technical things that go into the performance.

--- My experience: I got lost in the music and let all my inhibitions go.  I was totally free and it felt so good.  The stage is my home!


Lesson 3: You Can Judge Your Success By The Experience Of The Audience

--- The feedback from the audience was outstanding. They had a great experience. They were still glowing after the show.

---The audience's reaction let's us know that the show as a huge success. This is why we do what we do what we do.


Preachermann's thoughts:

Preachermann thought the show was great and well worth the effort. The benefits have long lasting effects. He impressed important people in the audience that he found out after he performed. It proves that you never know who will be in the audience. You always have to do your best.

One of the lessons he learned was to make sure he prepares ahead of time to record the show.  He found out 10 minutes before the show that he could have recorded the show but it was too late for the venue to prepare.

Preachermann's motto: "40 or 40,000. Rock it the same."




Preachermann & The Revival Band:


Ed Holley "Preachermann" -- Lead Vocals

Benita Charles -- Background Vocals

Nik Chinbukas -- Guitar

Tom Pope -- Drums

Paul Paldino -- Bass

Karl Watson -- Saxophone, Violin

Manny Montanez - Percussion

Max Keisling - Keyboard

Elijah Thomas -- Tenor Sax, Flute

Salieu Suso -- Kora

Max Deger -- Trumpet


A Special Thanks to all who came out to the Brooklyn Bowl Show! 


A Night To Remember: A special thanks to our family, friends and fans who came to the Atomic Soul Album Release Party at Brooklyn Bowl last night! It was an incredible night of great music, good friends and great vibes. Preachermann’s music is such a freeing experience. The band was on fire last night!

Atomic Soul is now available on all major outlets including: iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal and SoundCloud! Shalimar!!

For immediate access, visit:


Preachermann & The Revival




Family, Friends & Fans


Preachermann Album Release Party at Brooklyn Bowl - Sept 9th! 





Preachermann: Album Release Party at the Brooklyn Bowl 


Come celebrate Preachermann & The Revival’s new album, Atomic Soul at the legendary, Brooklyn Bowl on Monday, September 9th at 8pm!


Get up in the water and get wet! Bathe in the waters of Atomic Soul as the world is reminded how to feel and love again! Shalimar! 


Visit for live performances and more details. 


Preachermann & The Revival Band: 

Ed Holley “Preachermann” (Vocals), Benita Charles (Vocals), Nik Chinbukas (Guitar), Tom Pope (Drums), 

Paul Paldino (Bass), Karl Watson (Saxophone, Violin), Manny Montanez (Percussion), Max Keisling (Keyboard), Elijah Thomas (Tenor Sax, Flute), Salieu Suso (Kora) and Max Deger (Trumpet) 

About Atomic Soul: 

 Atomic Soul is an anthology of classic soul that covers the spectrum of rhythm & blues, reggae, world beat and a little bit of country. Atomic Soul creates an original and engaging sound of rhythmic beats, haunting melodies and deceptively simple lyrics, delivered with an impassioned intensity that resonates deeply with fans and conveys the spirituality and humility that is the foundation of Preachermann’s work. 


Atomic Soul Album: 11 unique creations and tributes to some of the greatest artists of classic soul: 

Familiar To Me (2 versions) – Classic House Beats 

You Were My Queen – Contemporary R&B 

Atomic Soul – R&B Tribute to Marvin Gaye 

Freshly Glazed – Mind-Expanding Funk 

Water is Rising – Socially-Conscious R&B 

Wine in The Mountain – Reggae-Inspired Anthem 

Africa Calling – World Beat Anthem 

Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice – Country Soul 

Simply Beautiful – Old School R&B With a Twist 

I Done Changed – Down Home Blues 


What They’re Saying: 

About the Industry: 

“The year 2020 must be marked by a new direction in music that shakes up the world and puts the focus back in the art and the creators – not on the latest technical trend…In 2020, music will shine again! Those who create something unique will thrive.” Mike Gormley, LA Personal Management & Industry Leader 


About the Artist: 

“I love the minimal approach to his songs…less is more. It’s a beautiful ride from the start and his vocals are extremely haunting, yet very addictive. He reminds me of a young sounding Bill Withers at times. His songs are so fresh and the delivery is perfect.” DJ Bob, London 

“With a voice that reminds you of Curtis Mayfield with a bit of Al Green during his chain rockin’ shirtless period. Preachermann channels the energy of many soul singers of the past… Apparent in his interaction with the audience at live shows…you can see that it’s not all about him.” 

“Impassioned, yet wickedly subtle, politically conscious old-school style soul crooner, Preachermann & The Revival…Sort of the missing link between late-period Marvin Gaye and Gil Scott Heron.” NY Music Daily.World 


Performance Details: 










Facebook event:

Artist website: