Benita Charles

The next step - Beautiful, Exciting, New, Intriguing, Talented, Alluring = B.E.N.I.T.A. Benita Charles is a moment in space and time that should be preserved for eternity. She is more than an artist and fully fits the definition of a true entertainer. Her skills, talent, ability, style, and love touch each and every one who is fortunate enough to see, hear and feel her performance. She possesses an unparalleled love for the stage and the art of performing, and her electrical dynamic vocal charged signature style of singing is more than just a gift for your ears. It will please your heart as well. How would you like to hear an angel sing? How would you like to see beauty, talent, creativity, and love come together in an incredible woman who will make you forget the pain and always remember the promise of a better day?

Benita was born in Detroit, Michigan, the home of "Motown Records." Her early roots were in the church where she developed her ear for music, singing in the children’s choir and eventually leading songs. Her first solo at 12 years old was the moment when she knew she was destined to sing and perform for the rest of her life. She studied classical voice in college and gained her stage experience in the heart of Motown Detroit, working with various local musical theatre productions, clubs, private gigs, and performing in local talent shows.

After signing a bad record deal in Detroit, Benita moved to New York to further pursue her career in the Big Apple. In New York, she learned how to take control of her career by producing her own shows, and writing/releasing her original music. Benita formed her band, The Benita Charles Trio, and has performed in various venues in the city. She’s also a member of the 70s-inspired atomic soul project called, Preachermann and The Revival Band.

Her first production was a one-woman show called, Moments In Love, presented in Greenwich Village, NYC which later became the inspiration for her debut CD, Moments In Love: Volume 1.

Her autobiographic show, Benita Charles: My Musical Journey to Love, features all her original music and was presented at the Harlem Public Library, for a couple of performances in 2019.

Her most recent production, The Power of African-American Music (A musical Journey) was featured at the Harlem Library for their Juneteenth/Black History Month Program in June 2022.

As a music educator, Benita has shared her experience as a singer/performer as well as tips on her artist development show called, Singing Tips Live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Live and Clubhouse.

Ms. Charles is a sight to behold with a voice to enjoy and a presence to appreciate. Those who are fortunate enough to experience her essence as an artist will feel the joy and happiness her voice brings as a live performer. With her new single, “I Am Powerful,” a rock inspired anthem that resonates with the strength and resilience within all of us, the world can experience the power of Benita's essence as a recording artist, performer and influencer. It is without a doubt "B.C. (Benita Charles) Time!"