The next step - Beautiful, Exciting, New, Intriguing, Talented, Alluring = B.E.N.I.T.A. Benita Charles is a moment in space and time that should be preserved for eternity. She is more than an artist and fully fits the definition of a true entertainer. Her skills, talent, ability, style and love touch each and everyone who is fortunate enough to see, hear and feel her performance. She possesses an unparalleled love for the stage and the art of performing, and her electrical dynamic vocal charged signature style of singing is more than just a gift for your ears. It will please your heart as well. How would you like to hear an angel sing? How would you like to see beauty, talent, creativity, and love come together in an incredible woman who will make you forget the pain and always remember the promise of a better day.

Benita was born in Detroit, Michigan, the home of "Motown Records." Her early roots were in the church where she developed her ear for music, singing in the children’s choir and eventually leading songs. At an early age she always knew she wanted a life in the entertainment industry. She never gave up on that dream and now that dream has become reality with the release of her debut CD, Moments In Love: Volume 1, now available on iTunes and CD Baby.

She gained her stage experience in the heart of Motown Detroit, working with various live bands and local musical theatre productions such as Little Shop of Horrors, Hair, Godspell and Life is a Beach and performing in local talent shows. In addition, she has a variety of experience in all of the entertainment mediums such as fashion shows, cable access programs, private gigs, background vocal work, singing with groups and independent films. In New York, she's performed with various local bands.

Her musical influences are Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Tony Braxton, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Teena Marie. Although classically trained, Benita also studied her mentors to gain the powerful and soul - stirring performances she offers today.

Not one to wait for opportunity, she created her own vehicle to express her music through a one - women live show called "Moments In Love," in Greenwich Village, NYC which will later become the inspiration for her first CD with the same title. Other productions include, The Benita Charles Show: The Gift and The Benita Charles & Friends concerts for Make Music New York and the September Concert (September 11th) events.

Benita brings a rarity to the industry in the sense that she's beyond a triple threat, she's a singer songwriter, actress, model, a business woman (starting her own production company, Star Entertainment New York) and producer/writer. Other projects she’s currently involved with include Preachermann and The Revival and The Pocket Change Band.

Ms. Charles is a sight to behold with a voice to enjoy and a presence to appreciate. Those who are fortunate enough to experience her essence as an artist will feel the joy and happiness her voice brings as a live performer. With her new CD, Moments In Love: Volume I and new single, Never Ever Give Up, now available online, the world can experience her essence as a recording artist. It is without a doubt "B.C. (Benita Charles) Time."