PATR @ The Footlight in Queens - Nov 16th!


On Friday, November 16th, I will perform a special show with the Preachermann and The Revival Band at the Footlight Bar in Queens. Come join us for a soul-stirring performance of atomic soul. There will be two other…

We rocked the NYC Marathon today!


What an incredible day at the NYC Marathon today! Today, Peter Archer, my guitarist and I rocked the crowd and the runners at the NYC Marathon at 49th and 4th in Brooklyn. 

I even did an extended…


Rest in Peace: Aretha Franklin

Rest in Peace: I am heartbroken to hear the news that we lost the beautiful Aretha Franklin recently.

I can tell you the impact she's had on my life as a singer is tremendous. I can remember in college…


Never Ever Give Up video now on YouTube!

World Premiere: I'm happy to announce my music video, "Never Ever Give Up" is now available on YouTube. It's a feel-good, inspirational song that will motivate you to keep striving for your dreams and to never ever give up! 

New Shows at Sidewalk Cafe on April 22nd!

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely flutist, Suki Rae on her upcoming CD project, Can't Stop Now last fall. I am one of the featured background singers and I have a solo performance of her song called …