Happy Thanksgiving from Benita Charles Music!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! I wish you a safe and wonderful holiday! May you enjoy a day of love, laughter and happiness. I am thankful for you. 



Happy Halloween from Benita Charles Music!


Happy Halloween! I hope you have an enjoyable day and a safe and fun-filled evening! Wishing all the kiddies a safe evening!!

Have a bootiful evening!!!


Preachermann & The Revival rocked the Sovereign in Brooklyn!

Benita "Motown Mama" at the Sovereign in Brooklyn, NYC


Preachermann rocked Sovereign in Brooklyn on August 26th. Stay tuned for more information about the next show coming up on October 7th at Rubulad!!! Shalimar!


Preachermann & The Revival at Sovereign…

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Happy Heavenly Birthday to The One: Michael Jackson!

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Michael Jackson!!! He's the ONE!!


Once in a lifetime, there's an artist that transcends life and that is Michael Jackson.


There will never be another artist like him. We are blessed to have his music, videos…

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My new friend, Chi Chi - the sweetest doggie!

Chi Chi, the sweetest doggie in New York City


Animals are so precious:

I was at the park the other day speaking to my Singing Tips Live friends on Clubhouse when this sweet little dog named, Chi Chi was so…

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Ed "Preachermann" Holley and Benita Charles

Happy Birthday to me:

God has blessed me with another year of life on June 30th. Guess who made it special? Yes, my love Ed “PREACHERMANN” Holley! Thank you, my…

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