PATR @ The Footlight in Queens - Nov 16th!


On Friday, November 16th, I will perform a special show with the Preachermann and The Revival Band at the Footlight Bar in Queens. Come join us for a soul-stirring performance of atomic soul. There will be two…

We rocked the NYC Marathon today!


What an incredible day at the NYC Marathon today! Today, Peter Archer, my guitarist and I rocked the crowd and the runners at the NYC Marathon at 49th and 4th in Brooklyn. 

I even did an…


Rest in Peace: Aretha Franklin

Rest in Peace: I am heartbroken to hear the news that we lost the beautiful Aretha Franklin recently.

I can tell you the impact she's had on my life as a singer is tremendous. I can remember in college…


Never Ever Give Up video now on YouTube!

World Premiere: I'm happy to announce my music video, "Never Ever Give Up" is now available on YouTube. It's a feel-good, inspirational song that will motivate you to keep striving for your dreams and to never ever give up! 

New Shows at Sidewalk Cafe on April 22nd!

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely flutist, Suki Rae on her upcoming CD project, Can't Stop Now last fall. I am one of the featured background singers and I have a solo performance of her song called Waiting