A Special Thanks To All Who Attended the Silvana Show on Oct 8th!

After show glow!


About Friday Night:

I had a wonderful time and a great set at Silvana in Harlem on Friday night! A special thanks to everyone who came out to support us, all the listeners who were in the Singing Tips Live concert room on Clubhouse and to all the well wishers!

If you ever want to see the real Benita, come to my live shows. That's where the diva lives. It is so much fun when she comes out on stage to play. She is a force! Thanks to my band for the beautiful music: Nick Paldino on guitar and Cheo Rodriguez on percussion! I love you all for always supporting my art!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I appreciate your support!


The Benita Charles Trio in concert


NY-Vocalist, Benita Charles


Gregory Lathan (aka K'dara Korin), Artist Extraordinaire


Kristina Marie, Singer/Songwriter


Harris Punyon, Keyboardist for The K'dara Korin Project


Kenny was in the audience.  He said he enjoyed the show.


Nick Paldino, Guitar


Cheo Rodrigruez, Percussion


Preachermann loved the show!


Jason Thompson, Producer/Videographer


My Facebook fans showed their love


My Clubhouse fans loved the show!





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