Do Something Different (DSD) - Give

Do Something Different (DSD): I had the pleasure of completing the course, Creative Problem Solving Course on Coursera, taught by Dr. Brad Hokanson from the University of Minnesota.

What attracted me to the course was learning to think of creative ways to work through life challenges. The course did not disappoint. There was so much great information and fun exercises to stimulate your creativity.

One of the activities that we had to do during the course was called, Do Something Different (DSD) - Give. In this exercise, we had to give something that we haven't given before. I chose to give one of my favorite store clerk, Karim a certificate of appreciation for his customer service. He was so thrilled and it was so wonderful to see the huge smile on his face when I presented him the award.

It was a rewarding experience! A little Kindness goes a long way.