Never Ever Give Up: Producer Jason Thompson discusses creative process

Producer Jason Thompson and Benita Charles on location in NYC


Producer, Jason Thompson discusses his vision and process of the music video, Never Ever Give Up by Benita Charles. He takes you step-by-step through his process and how he was able to integrate his vision with Benita's vision for her video. (filmed on October 20, 2018). 

A special thanks to all who contributed to the Never Ever Give Up Project: 

Production Team: 

Jason Thompson (producer)  

Patrice Carter (stylist)  

Video actors:  

Nijah Miller (Bully) 

Erica Norris (Bully victim)  

Yolanda Norris (business owner)  

Song credits: 

Jean Wiltz (co-writer)  

Benita Charles (co-writer)

Themi (producer)