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Benita Charles
Moments In Love: Volume 1

© 2007 Star Entertainment New York


Moments In Love: Volume 1 is the new CD disk from New York-based, R&B, singer/songwriter, Benita Charles. Featuring hit songs such as "Round & Round" "STUCK!" and "Lose Control," the CD offers a mixture of love songs from various genres and emotions. Produced by four up & coming New York producers, there’s something for every musical taste.

The Moments In Love Movement started as a one-woman, cabaret show in Greenwich Village New York in the late 90s for Ms. Charles. From there, it has evolved into an original musical project from Ms. Charles as she’s drawn upon her own experiences in love and life through live performances and recordings.

Come enter the world of passion, emotion, lost love and redemption. Experience the various colors of love (blues, red – the color of the heart, etc) through song and set your soul free as you enjoy the music of Benita Charles.


A special thank you to the producers/production team for making this project a huge success: Producers: Impaq (Raw Impaq Productions), Andru Cann (MO MCCANN MUSIC), Eddie Rock (Eddie Rock Studio) and John Virag (Sea King Productions); Musician: Phil Smith (bass) on the song: “Stuck!”; Guest Artists: Impaq, Phase One and John Virag; Lofish Production Staff: John P. Hopkins, Walter Fischbacher and Elizabeth; Post production (mastering): Edward Vintera of; Art Direction/Graphic design/web-design: Sean Goldman; Photography: George Bell; Artist-stylist hair & make-up: Roxie Seigle; Music Marketing/Advertising: Steve Rene, Artist Consultant: Barbie Seigle and Ken Brothers.

Benita Charles
We Can Make A Difference

© 2006 Star Entertainment New York


"We Can Make A Difference" by Benita Charles was originally written as a tribute song regarding the events of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 in New York & Washington DC. Ms. Charles wrote it in the spirit of how we are all connected and all deeds no matter how big or small can make an impact. It is a testament to the human spirit that during a time of tragedy, we all can make a difference one way or another to make things better no matter how big or small. Even in today's times with the anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, it is more imperative today that people reach out and help each other. The 3-track CD is an inspirational mix of songs to express not only the American spirit but international humanity.

Special Thanks To: Ken Brothers, Andrew McCann, Tara Cheparev, John P. Hopkins and Walter Fischbacher of Lofish Productions NYC and Edward Vinatea of CD Digital Music Services, NYC.

Benita Charles & Jasmine Spiess
Christmas Presence: Celebrating the Holidays In New York(DVD)

© 2006 Star Entertainment New York


Newsflash: DVD of live performance of a special holiday show presented December 16, 2005 @ Danny's Skylight Room in New York City is now available for purchase!!

Christmas Presence: Celebrating The Holiday In New York
Starring Jasmine Spiess & Benita Charles
Musical Director: Darin Anquoe.
Director: Sean Goldman

Jasmine and Benita have performed together in a number of shows and have collaborated on many different projects. In addition, they've entertained private audiences for the past two holidays and now have joined together to present their public holiday debut.

The show is an intimate evening of classic and contemporary holiday songs encompassing a plethora of genres. Ms. Charles is an accomplished R&B and Jazz artist. Ms. Spiess is an accomplished musical theatre/classical artist. In their solo work they have very different styles. However, when they sing together, their blend is unique, producing a perfectly blended sound that is not only classical, but also contemporary in feel.

Benita Charles
Benita Charles & Friends: In Remembrance of Sept. 11

© 2003 Star Entertainment New York


Benita Charles & Friends: In Remembrance of Sept. 11 was presented on September 11, 2002 at the Triad Theater in New York City as a part of the September Foundation's first annual "September Concert" event.

The show was a magical event. In addition to honoring the heroes and innocent victims who we lost during the 9/11 tragedy, we were able help each other heal and provide inspiration and hope to all who attended. Each and every artist on this show gave their talents and spirits to make a difference and to help with the healing and recovery from the tragedy.